Katie Ryan, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Equine Assisted Psychotherapist

EAGALA Certified


Book Signing Event

March 8

Heart N Soul Coffee Shop

Green Valley, California


March 12-15

Mesquite Convention Center

Mesquite, Texas







Locations and Dates
March 12-15, 2014
Mesquite Convention Center
1750 Rodeo Drive
Mesquite, TX 75149
March 8, 2014
Heart n Soul Coffee Shop
39804 San Francisquito
Canyon Road
Green Valley, CA 91390

Contact Information

27951 Smyth Drive #104 Valencia, CA 91355
Tel: 661-373-6259

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Book Signing of Katie Ryan, LMFT

Ninety five years ago, born into a destiny of horses, a man used them to work the land. Farming in the Midwest was bleak and harsh at best. If you stay in one place for too long you will be struck by lightning. Having worked the land for so long, it actually took being struck by lightning to appreciate doing something different.


He rode the Continental Divide with the Governor of Minnesota on horseback. He lost his identity on a lonely hill in New Mexico.


His daughter, Katie carried on the tradition of love and obsession for horses. She experienced firsthand the love and loss of these great creatures. Katie became a licensed therapist in California and found a way to help heal others using horses. Along the way she married, met good friends (human and horse) and allowed each horse to transform her. Part memoir, part educational, nearly 100 years of true horse stories.


If you have a love or just a respect for horses you will go on this journey and  be captivated by their beauty, poise, and pure guts.


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